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Downloads & resources

At the Center for Intercultural Learning we develop formats and materials in order to teach and learn intercultural competence. Innovative seminar concepts, exercises, methods and short films are part of this. A small choice of these will be published here and can be downloaded for educational purposes.

Tools for Training

In 2010 Gundula Gwenn Hiller and Stefanie Vogler-Lipp published a book on the intercultural learning in the university context (in German language only). It contains hints and ideas on how to design, conduct and facilitate a training. In addition there are a number of innovative exercises on strengthening intercultural competence, which were developed mostly by Viadrina students. A selection of the exercises from the book are available under the toolbox section.

Short film projects

In four project seminars we collected, reflected and filmed Critical Incidents together with Viadrina students. Mostly the filming was done in small teams including international students. Camera was done by Erik Malchow. As for now 16 short films (in German, English and French language) were created. These can be used in intercultural trainings, though they should have sufficient didactic support. Attached to the films we usually linked ideas on how to use them.