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Digital Happy Hour

Every fortnight on Thursday evenings we meet for chat and chill out, preferably with drinks and snacks we have brought with us. We talk about a specific topic in a relaxed atmosphere - everybody is welcome to join :)

>>> Next up: Thursday November, 26, 2020, 7 pm,

During the Digital Happy Hour we will play games and get to know each other to start our new semester in a fun and chill way. Thursday 26.11.2020, 7 pm the fun will begin. And don’t forget to bring your drinks and snacks especially for our Happy Hour at the end of each hangout. We promise you a lot of fun and silliness. We will be waiting for you. We are very excited to get together with all of you.

Podcast: “Viadrina Voices”

In short podcast episodes we give an insight into different student perspectives and tell stories about everyday university life. Viadrina Voices gives students a voice and prospective and current students can get an overview of the diversity at our university. 

>>> If you would like to be interviewed, get in touch with us! ( 

“Viadrina Supercards” 

"Be right back!" - “Bad connection.” - “You're still on mute.” We have developed two sets of cards with visual symbols for these often sent messages, so we can use them together at Viadrina in online teaching and video conferences.

>>> Which Supercard do you still need? We are happy to create it for you! (

Coming Soon: “Viadrina Jungle Guide” 

How much does life in FFO cost? Which digital tools should I know? What can I do here in my free time? In handy overviews in cheat sheet format we put together the most important contact points and key words you should know at the Viadrina. 

>>> If you have a request or suggestions, please let us know! (

More projects

... will follow and will be announced here - stay curious!