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Accommodations for the 2014 EWCA conference 2014 are available in Frankfurt's various hotels as well as in several hotels within walking distance on the Polish side of the border. Please use the following informations to book your hotel.Note: we reserved a certain contingent in some hotels to special conditions, but they are only as long available as the rooms last - there comes no room-guarantee with the deadline. If you prefer to stay in Berlin: It is a one-hour-train-ride and the train runs about every 30 Minutes.

Hotels in Frankfurt (Oder)

City Park Hotel

Homepage City Park Hotel

Single Room: 56,00 Euro (Breakfast included)
Double Room: 74,00 Euro (Breakfast included)
Deadline for booking: May 25th
use Keyword: "EWCA14"
City Park Hotel
Lindenstraße 12
D-15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
phone.  +49(0)335-5532-0
fax +49(0)335-5532-605
Hotel "Zur Alten Oder"
Homepage "Zur Alten Oder"
Single: 57.00 Euro (w/ breakfast)

Double: 72.00 Euro (w/ breakfast)


Deadline for booking 31/03/2014

Use keyword “EWCA14”


Contact: Hotel “Zur Alten Oder”
Address: Fischerstrasse 32,
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
Phone: +49(0) 335-5562-20
Fax: +49(0) 335-5562-228
City Residence Hotel


Homepage City Residence Hotel


Single: 45.00 Euro /w/o breakfast)

Double: 59.00 Euro (w/o breakfast)

Breakfast additionally 8.00 Euro


Deadline for booking 01/03/2014

Use keyword “EWCA14”


Contact: City Residence Hotel
Address: Bahnhofstraße 11,
15230 Frankfurt
Phone: +49(0) 335-6642-666
Mobile: +49 (0) 175-2460-304
Fax: +49(0) 335-6497-2
Palais am Kleistpark

Homepage Palais am Kleistpark


Single: 55.00 Euro (Standard) / 65.00 Euro (Comfort) / 75.00 Euro (Superior)

Double: 65.00 Euro (Standard) / 75.00 Euro (Comfort) / 85.00 Euro (Superior)

All options w/o breakfast; breakfast additionally 9.00 Euro

As long as available Contact: Palais am Kleistpark
Fürstenwalder Str. 47
15234 Frankfurt (Oder)
Phone: +49(0) 335-5615-0
Fax: +49(0) 335-5615-100
Hotel “Goldener Hahn”


Homepage "Goldener Hahn"

(not in the city center, use tram line Nr. 4 (approx. 25 min)

Single: 39.00 Euro (w/ breakfast); Premium 52.00 Euro

Double: 62.00 Euro (w/breakfast); Premium 75.00 Euro

Apartment (4 Pax, 2 rooms): 101 Euro (w/breakfast); Premium 117.00 Euro

3-Bed Room: 83.00 Euro (w/breakfast); Premium 98.00 Euro

Deadline for booking 30/04/2014 Contact: Hotel “Goldener Hahn”
Address: Marie-Curie-Straße 10
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
Phone: +49(0) 335-5212-753
Fax: +49(0) 335-5213-904


Hotel am Schloss


Homepage Hotel am Schloss

(not in the city center, use bus 981)

Single: 48.00 Euro (w/ breakfast) Deadline for booking 15/05/2014 Contact: Familie Auerbach
Address: Berliner Str. 48
15234 Frankfurt (Oder)
Phone: +49(0) 335-6801-841
Fax: +49(0) 335-6542-7


Hotels in Slubice (in Poland, across the bridge, but still in walking distance to the university. Euro as currency accepted.)
Hotel Baranowski


Homepage Hotel Baranowski

Description Hotel Baranowski in English

Double: 160 zl (around 40.00 Euro)


Breakfast additionally 20 zl (around 5.00 Euro)

As long as available Contact: Hotel Baranowski
ul. Transportowa 4c
69-100 Słubice, Poland
Phone: + 48 (95) 758-2102
Fax: + 48 (95) 758-3990
Hotel Kaliski


Homepage Hotel Kaliski


Single: 135 zl (around 34.00 Euro) Standard / 159 zl Standard plus (around 40.00 Euro)

Double: 165 zl (41.00 Euro)

Breakfast additionally 22zl (around 5.50 Euro)

As long as available Contact: Hotel EURO KALISKI
Address: ul. Jedności Robotniczej 13, 69-100 Słubice, Poland
Phone: +48 (95) 758-3735
Fax: +48 (95) 758-8416
Hotel Anka


Homepage Hotel Anka

(authentic Polish cuisine!)

Single: 110 zl (around 27.50 Euro)

Double: 145 zl (around 36.00 Euro)

Breakfast additionally 10zl (around 2.50 Euro)

As long as available Contact: Anna Mrozińska - Łuckiewicz
Address: Pl. Przyjaźni 7
69-100 Słubice, Poland
Phone: +48 (95) 758-2336
Student Dorm

Homepage Student Dorm

Approx. 15.00 Euro/night (w/o breakfast), linnen and towels inculded, single rooms with private bathroom for students only!

Booking will be possible only until March 31st, only with payment in advance to EWCA conference office. Please contact us directly.