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For students
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E- Tools

Support for Mahara, Moodel, Citavi, formating of term- papers.


Motivation, study techniques, learning plans, time management, handling stress and how to deal with procrastination.


Preparation and implementation of presentations, creation of handouts, presentation techniques (e.g. PowerPoint, Prezi), dealing with stage fright and (to give & recieve) constructive feedback.

For teachers
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Further education: Workshops on demand

Moodle, Mahara, visual facilitation, blended learning, inverted classrooms, ...

Consultation in dialogues: E-tools for teaching

Which e-tools are the best ones for my teaching? How exactly do I use those e-tools? Find out more about e-tools in teaching during our consultational dialogue...

Back-up for seminars: support for your students

Let your students be professionally supported during the creation of presentations, the organization of group work or the use of e-tools ...

For administrative employees
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Further education: Moodle-Workshops

Learn more about the Moodle-tools that could be helpful for you.

Desk-service: We come to you

Our e-learning-consultants come directly to your office.

Self-study material for the most common questions

With our materials and video-tutorials you’ll find quick answers to many typical questions.