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Teachers- Seminar accompaniment: Support for your students

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You have the opportunity to have your seminar accompanied by our learning & presentation consultants or e-learning consultants. 
Individual solutions

Depending on the kind of examination (eg. single or group presentation), the scope and your vision, we plan the seminar together with you. For example, our student advisers can give your participants individual feedback on presentations before they are delivered to the seminar; they can structure group work or optimize the use of e-tools. They always work closely with the seminar leader.

Strategic support

The seminar consultation is aimed at the learning strategy and methodical level. The consultants provide knowledge, methods and competences for presentations, group work and the use of e-tools, not subject-specific content. The responsibility for the study content lies solely with you as a seminar leader.

The advantages at a glance
  • You receive better proof of achievement through intensive support and feedback.
  • Key competences are trained in your seminar and linked with subject content.
  • This is done by our student advisors allowing you to have more time for the study content.
  • You get insights into the learning processes of your students.

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Together with you we develop seminar- and subject-specific solutions

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