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Learning consultants support and accompany learning processes

Nothing in life accompanies us as much as learning. We do it every day, more or less consciously. Reflecting and professionally dealing with one's own learning is worthwhile for many reasons. Our learning consultants will assist you with that and help you to prepare for exams more efficiently.

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For students of Viadrina we offer individual consultation for questions concerning learning and presenting. The consultation can also be booked over a longer period of time (e.g. once a week) to prepare for a specific exam. In individual sessions we will work on: 

  • Study strategies and techniques that are appropriate for you
  • Your personal time management
  • Suitable methods against procrastination and stress
  • Tips on motivation and methods for exam preparation.

The consultation is free of charge. For appointments:

Semester-related offers

Learning groups for WiWis (Business students)

The study groups for business students are aimed at students in the early stages of their studies. The focus is on the efficient and successful preparation for your first exams.

In addition, there are enough opportunities at the kick-off weekend of the learning groups to get to know other business students for a self-founded learning group. In addition, you work together with trained learning consultants to develop useful learning methods and your own time and stress management techniques. In addition, you’ll learn more about topics such as motivation and efficient group work. After the prelude, it continues in the weekly learning groups, which are accompanied by the learning advisors. More

Introductory tutorials for KuWis (cultural science students)

The introductory tutorials for KuWis support students in their first semester at Viadrina. They are bound to the lecture "Introduction to Cultural Studies" and are given by tutors that are trained in university didactics. One half of the tutorial deepens the lecture contents; in the other half you will learn the basics of scientific work. More

Study groups for ReWis (Law students)

Study groups for law students support undergraduate students around the topic of learning for jurisprudents. The topics of time management, learning and reading techniques as well as motivation and stress management are worked out together with trained learning consultants. In addition, there is the possibility to prepare the cases for the working groups in the first semester in accompanied (small) group work. More

Would you like to become a learning & presentation consultant yourself? 

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In the certified training to become a learning & presentation consultant, you will deepen your knowledge in four modules alongside your studies.

Further information on training as part of Viadrina PeerTutoring 
This is possible in different areas: Overview