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E-learning consulting in dialogue: didactics & technical implementation of your ideas

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E-learning consulting in dialogue: didactics & technical implementation of your ideas

If you have questions about didactics or technical implementation of your e-learning ideas, we are at your side. You have the choice to get:

  • Telephone advice

  • Desk service - we come to you and advise you on site

  • Consultation by mail

Together with you, we develop seminar and subject-specific strategies and give you tips with which you can realize your personal e-learning ideas independently in the future. In our consultations we support you with concrete implementation ideas or in-depth questions.

Appointments for personal advice can be arranged easily at

Benefits of E-Learning:

  • Relief of presence based teaching through online activities
  • Review of learning progress and knowledge level through pre- and post-tests (eg. with EvaExam)
  • High standardisation of online content/assessments possible
  • Collaborative/collegial creation and use of subject/topic-specific material pools
  • Reduction of correction costs through electronic evaluation of course work, grading and preparation of performance records (eg. with EvaExam)

Multimedia service from the IKMZ: Technical support from the computer center of the university

All e-learning tools are supervised by the IKMZ. We offer you technical support for:

  • the use of the central evaluation system EvaSys (teaching evaluation),
  • the realization of paper-based and electronic exams with EvaExam,
  • the use of the centralized learning platform Moodle
  • the application of the e-portfolio system Mahara.

The Multimedia Service Department offers you the opportunity to medially accompany events in research and teaching (for instance the broadcasting and recording of the event, as well as assistance with the creation of e-learning related multimedia materials).

You can contact us at:

Torsten Krüger
Administration LMS Moodle, EvaSys, EvaExam, lecture recording and streaming, TV and radio recording service

Dr. Pawel Kubzdyl
Administration LMS Moodle, Mahara, conception and programming of e-learning solutions, lecture recording and streaming, recording service

Self-learning materials

The e-learning consultation on the media portal of the Viadrina

All of the information material available online, such as handouts and video tutorials on Moodle, as well as possible application scenarios have been developed and created for you by our e-learning consultants.