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Viadrina Peer-Tutoring Certificate in Intercultural Learning

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Seminar "Building Cultural Competence"

  • Teacher: Niki Kasis
  • Contact:
  • Credits: 6 ECTS (in most study programs)
  • Language: in English language



International Events

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Intercultural Learning for Global Engagement Conference 2023

Monday 27th – Thursday 30th March 2023

Topic Areas

  1. Intercultural learning: theory, practice, and research
  2. Institution-wide efforts in development of intercultural competencies
  3. UN SDGs at intersection with intercultural competencies/global engagement related topics

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Previous INU Events on Intercultural Learning & Global Engagement

November 2021-May 2022: Intercultural Learning and Global Engagement Sessions 2021-2022. Workshop offers for faculty & professional staff, and for students, in the framework of the  International Network of Universities (INU). In case of any questions, as well as for registration for the student sessions, please contact Claudia Casiano.

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Former Center for Intercultural Learning

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The Viadrina Center for Intercultural Learning was a project focusing on intercultural learning offers and research. It was founded in 2008 and concluded its work in 2020, under the umbrella of the Center for Key Competences and Research-Oriented Learning (ZSFL). Since 2021, the Center for Teaching and Learning continues promoting intercultural learning at Viadrina, building upon the valuable work and expertise of the former Center for Intercultural Learning and its members.


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