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As a proved instrument for individual career development, Viadrina Mentoring promotes young female, trans* inter* and (other) non-binary scientists and helps them manage their own carrier plans. The mentoring and coaching program for women, trans* inter* and (other) non-binary postdoctoral researchers offers to you varying elements, which support your networking management, provide you with opportunities to develop your skills and to learn more about different career paths for highly skilled humans. The Viadrina Mentoring program for women, trans* inter* and (other) non-binary postdoctoral researchers consists of the following elements:

  • A Mentoring-relationship
  • Qualification offers (workshops and coachings)
  • framework program (kick-off event, closing event, networking events)
  • Guidance and advising by the program coordinators

The Mentoring-relationship, the coachings and the guidance of the coordinators can be offered in English. However, to draw your personal maximum benefit from all elements of the program, you should understand spoken German language well, be able to understand the core issues in discussions and be able to actively participate in conversations. If you have doubts as to whether your German skills are sufficient, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Mentoring-relationship

Usually mentoring is a one-to-one relationship. As another possible form of mentoring, the peer-group mentoring offers the opportunity for exchange of views and experience between one mentor and several mentees.

For the role of a mentor, we focus on winning professors and senior researchers from universities and non-university research institutions. In regard to language skills and international background, we take the wishes of the mentees in consideration and specifically search for English speaking mentors. As a mentee of the program, you will be asked to contribute own ideas and proposals concerning possible mentors. The program coordinator will guide the matching process by providing support in the search of a suitable individual and by submitting an official request to the preferred mentor.

The Mentoring-relationship will be initiated at the beginning of the program and is required to last until the end of it in spring the following year. The partners of the Mentoring-relationship come to an agreement about the mentoring terms, such as communication channels and frequency of meetings. The coordinator provides assistance in an advisory capacity.

 Qualification offers

During the twelve months of the program, we offer workshops and individual coachings for you.

We are planning seven workshops during the course of the program. They offer to you the opportunity to develop your skills in carrier management and leadership. For one of the workshops, we take your wishes and needs into consideration, in regard to contents.

Workshops will be held in German language.

A second column of the qualification offers are individual coachings, which can be offered in English language. We will match you with a mentor. Afterwards you will schedule 2-3 meetings with your mentor individually. The coaching meetings are planned for September till December.

Issues that can be worked with in coaching sessions: networking, empowerment, self-presentation, communication skills, personal leadership style, negotiation skills.

The framework programme

Opening and closing event:

The program starts and ends with an event for welcoming the new participants and for saying goodbye to the former participants. You will get in touch with your peer-group for the first time and will have the opportunity to talk to former participants about their experiences.

Networking events:

Networking events give mentees and mentors the opportunity to discuss on carrier topics and to exchange experiences in an informal atmosphere.

Guidance and advicing of the programme coordinators

During the whole programme the coordinator supports the mentees and the mentors in confidence. You will be required to exchange views with one of the coordinators at the beginning, at half-time and at the end of the program.