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Mentoring for PhD students

Foto: Eine Mentee zielt mit Pfeil und Bogen auf ein Ziel außerhalb des Bildausschnitts. Ihr Blick wirkt höchst konzentriert. In Hintergrund stehen andere Mentees die sie beobachten. ©Viadrina Mentoring
Foto: Eine Mentee posiert lächelnd mit ihrer Mentorin und einem Hund, der zu ihren Füßen hockt. ©Viadrina Mentoring

The program is made for women, trans* inter* and non-binary people. Here you will find information on our offers concerning your individual career advancement.

You are currently doing a PhD and wondering what will come after?

What are my perspectives with a PhD? How do I get access to professionally relevant networks while doing my PhD? How can I build up a strong network? What are arguments for or against university or extramural career? And where is room for a/ my family in this?

Questions like these are legitimate and a safe space is needed in order to develop possible solutions. For success and career mean more than persuasiveness through excellence.

Through Viadrina Mentoring, the European University Viadrina offers a cross-faculty programme with the objective of providing a structured career guidance for female, trans*, inter* and non-binary junior scientists. The language of instruction is german.

People who have graduated from their studies and who want to commence a PhD programme can in join the programme as well. In this case, we advise you to schedule a consultancy appointment.