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With the mentoring program, the Viadrina’s Equal Opportunity Department contributes to increasing the proportion of highly qualified women and gender-diverse (trans*, inter* and [other] non-binary) individuals in leadership positions in academia and non-academic fields.

In addition to workshops and networking opportunities that provide professional and academic qualifications, the mentoring relationship is a central component of the program. Would you like to become a mentor? Below you will find a summary of the most important information.

What is the mentoring relationship about?

To be mentors, we invite people with professional and leadership experience from universities, non-university research institutions and other institutions relevant to the participants (e.g. public authorities, foundations, companies, NGOs, law firms) who are interested in supporting students, doctoral candidates and postdocs ("mentees") in their career planning for the duration of the program.

What does it mean to participate as a mentor?

You agree to have regular personal conversations with your mentee. You both organize the conversations individually. The mentee is responsible for preparing and following up on the content.

In terms of content, for example, you as a mentor can pass on your professional biographical experience and career-promoting knowledge (e.g. organizational knowledge about structures, policies, requirements, networks, etc.). It is also desirable that you give the mentee constructive feedback to encourage reflection on their own career path and at the same time encourage them to strengthen and develop relevant professional skills.

What does mentoring not mean?

A mentor

  • is not a job mediator
  • is neither responsible for the preparation and follow-up of joint meetings nor for the definition of content
  • is not responsible for supervising scientific work
  • supports and encourages goal and solution orientation but is not responsible for implementation
What can you take away from the mentoring relationship?
  • You reflect on your own career path and life experiences.
  • You strengthen your counselling skills and gain new impulses for your own personal development.
  • You gain insights into the lived experiences of a younger generation.
  • You actively engage in the promotion of people who are discriminated against in the work environment based on gender and thus for the equal participation of women and gender-diverse people in professional life.
Time frame and modalities of participation

For mentees, the mentoring cycle begins in March. The tandem phase with mentors then starts individually, usually between May and August, and ends in March of the following year. If you are interested in participating in the program or would like a non-binding informational interview, please contact the program management at any time.

Framework program

In addition to the mentoring relationship, networking events and a closing event with all program participants also take place as part of a mentoring cycle. Childcare is available to all participants with children during every program event. This is realized in cooperation with the Family Affairs Office.


If you are interested in participating in the program or would like a non-binding information session, please contact the program management at any time.