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Gender & Sexual Orientation

The Gender Equality Officers

The Equal Opportunities Officers at Viadrina support the equality of all genders and therefore also explicitly aim to promote and support inter* and trans* persons at the university. The Chief Gender Equality Officer provides support, for example, with questions about inclusive language, changes in personal status and the amendment of documents. She is also the contact person in cases of discrimination or harassment based on gender or sexual identity. The Gender Equality Officers receive suggestions and complaints, provide support if needed and offer advice - if requested, also confidentially or anonymously.

Chief Gender Equality Officer

Katja Kraft
+49 (0) 335 5534 -4795

Gender Equality Officer of the Faculty of Law

Friederike Hartmann
+49 (0) 335 5534 2333

Gender Equality Officer of the Faculty of Economic Sciences 

Doreen Rose 
+49 (0) 335 5534  2985 

Gender Equality Officer of the Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies 

Marie Glißmann 
+49 (0) 335 5534 2282 

Gender Equality Officer of the central institutions and the administration

Manuela Haake 
+49 (0) 335 5534 2862 

Equal Opportunity Department

The Equal Opportunity Department is committed to equality among students and employees, taking into account their different life situations and life plans. The aim is to actively promote a gender- and diversity-sensitive as well as family-friendly university and academic culture. To this end, the team of the Department for Equality Affairs develops strategies, offers, programmes and measures. In addition, they provide contact and counselling points as well as specific contact persons.  

Bettina Gebhardt
+49 (0) 335 5534 2597

AStA Department of Social Affairs & Anti-Discrimination

The AStA Department of Social Affairs & Anti-Discrimination  organises events on the topics of equality and anti-discrimination. These include the queer film evenings and the action days against homophobia and sexism. Contact the AStA Speaker for Social Affairs & Anti-Discrimination if you have any student equality issues. 


Landesverband AndersARTiG e.V. 

The state association "AndersARTiG e.V." is the umbrella organisation of the LGBTIQ community in the state of Brandenburg. "AndersARTiG e.V."​ provides advice by e-mail and telephone on coming out, love, partnership, separation and also on legal issues.

Landesverband AndersARTiG e.V.
+49 (0) 331 20 19 888