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Erasmus+ KA171 for teaching mobilities

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The Erasmus+ KA171 programme enables broadening of the existing student and staff mobility to selected Partner Countries outside the European Union. The purpose of extending regular Erasmus+ mobility to these countries is to deepen academic cooperation between European University Viadrina and its selected partner universities in non-EU countries.

Who can be supported?

  • lecturers with a work contract at Viadrina
  • lecturers without endowment at Viadrina
  • lecturers with a teaching assignment at Viadrina
  • emeriti professors and retired lecturers at Viadrina
  • research assistants at Viadrina

Place of stay

The mobility must take place in a partner country in which the sponsored person does not have their main place of residence.

Duration of stay & teaching activities

Normally 5-12 days excluding travel time (depending on budget availability)
Minimum 8 teaching hours per workweek


The application for a mobility grant should be submitted at least 30 days before the planned mobility. The applicant should fill in and sign the Mobility Agreement for Teaching and the Grant Agreement before the start of the stay abroad.

Host university

Before departure, you should get in touch with the contact person at the receiving institution in order to clarify questions regarding content of the course, credits and/or form of teaching. You should also to contact the International Office of the receiving institution to clarify organisational issues on site.

During the mobility

As stated in the Grant Agreement, up to 70% of the scholarship will be paid out. In order to receive the mobility grant, the applicant should fill in his/her account in the grant agreement. Cash payment is not possible. The receiving institution must confirm the stay abroad as well as the completed teaching hours by signing the Confirmation of Stay 

Upon your return

After your return, you have 30 days to complete the online participant report required by the EU. You will receive the link from the EU database. If you do not complete the report within 30 days, the EU reserves the right to claim back the amount already paid to you.

Mobility grant for teaching

During your teaching period, you will receive the payment to cover additional costs incurred during your stay abroad. Special funds can be applied for lecturers with disabilities. Weekends and holidays can only be subsidized if it can be proven that you worked or travelled on these days (e.g. by confirmation from the receiving institution). Whether you can receive a mobility grant depends on the available budget and the number of applicants.

Amount up to and including the 14th funding day of the stay

180,- Euro / day

Amount from and including the 15th sponsorship day of the stay abroad

126,- Euro / day


Amount of the mobility grant

In addition to these daily rates, there is a flat-rate travel allowance depending on the actual distance between the place of departure and destination of the mobility. The following amounts are reimbursed depending on the stay and the distance:

10 km - 99 km 20 EUR
100 km - 499 km  180 EUR
500 km - 1.999 km  275 EUR
2,000 km - 2,999 km 360 EUR
3,000 km - 3,999 km 530 EUR
4,000 km - 7,999 km 820 EUR
> 8,000 km  1,500 EUR