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Viadrina Academics: Erasmus

Dear Lecturers and Acadmics
Please note that our website is currently under construction. Please use the updated German version for all necessary information or contact the academic staff mobility or scholarship
program coordinator directly. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Dear Lecturers and Academics

We are pleased that you have decided to accept a teaching position at one of our partner universities, within the framework of the ERASMUS Mobility Program. The coordinator for academic staff mobility, Sarah Krebs, would be happy to answer questions in regards to the program organization.



The ERASMUS Program promotes transnational cooperation in Europe and the exchange of knowledge. It also serves to further develop the professional and personal growth of lecturers. Simultaneously, in this manner a framework should be created that would enable program participants to get to know other European teaching and academic systems.

A further aim is to give students with no chance of studying abroad the opportunity to access the expert knowledge of international lecturers at their home university.

The following group of people could be sponsored:

  • Lecturers who are employed at Viadrina
  • Viadrina lecturers without salary
  • Viadrina contract teachers with work contract
  • Emeritus professors and pensioned teachers of Viadrina
  • Viadrina academic assistants



  • Allowance for covering additional costs associated with a teaching assignment abroad
  • Depending on the available budget, a maximum of 800 Euro per week or 2000 Euro for each multi-week guest teaching stay could be reimbursed. Guest lectureships lasting longer than four weeks could, in justified cases, be reimbursed beyond the maximum compensation limit
  • Special arrangements could be requested for lecturers with disabilities


Conditions of Participation

  • Employment at Viadrina. The Department of International Affairs requests annual funds, within the framework of the Erasmus application, for the Teaching Mobility Program, which is available to all lecturers of the university.
  • For guest teaching stays at an Erasmus partner university in the EU member states, in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein or, in the acceding countries in Middle and Eastern Europe, please make sure that the university at which you plan to stay has a agreement with your faculty.
  • Integrating the lectures in the guest university’s department or faculty
  • Coordinating the lectures with the guest university before the start of the guest teaching stay
  • The duration of the guest teaching stay is required to involve a minimum of five hours of teaching
  • The activities taking place on promoted days of the Teaching program must be related to the Mobility measure. Weekends and holidays can only be used as substitutes if it could be verified that those days included work or travel (e.g., through confirmation of the guest university).


Please Note: Directly applying to the EU-Commission or German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is not possible!