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Prize for good teaching in the SoSe 2020

Lehrpreis 2020 ©Canva-Collage

The 2020 summer semester was extremely unusual in every respect: It presented special challenges for both lecturers and students and required extraordinary efforts, many of which had to be made under difficult family, technical and communication conditions - often far beyond what could be expected.
In order to honour the efforts and the successes achieved by all lecturers on behalf of the students, but also to enable lecturers, students and the university to take the new teaching and learning experiences gained this semester into the future in an optimal way, a "Prize for Good Teaching in summer semester 2020" will be awarded. The awards will be presented by a jury consisting of lecturers from different status groups and all faculties as well as students from all faculties. The Vice-President for Teaching is the chairperson of the commission in an advisory capacity (without voting rights). This is a purely idealistic appreciation of good teaching.
The prize is awarded at the university level across all teaching units for courses that took place online in the SoSe 2020 - regardless of whether they were primarily synchronous or asynchronous.
The award will be presented at a public event during the winter semester 2020/21.

Nomination and application

The subject of the nomination or application can be any course that took place online in the summer semester 2020. Awards should be given for courses in which the possibilities offered by digital instruments have been used in an optimal way to meet the didactic requirements for good teaching.

All members of the Viadrina can nominate a candidate until September 28, 2020.

Courses can be nominated by stating the name of the teacher as well as the title of the course and three reasons why these courses were excellent in the SoSe 2020.

Please send your nomination to

Teachers of the nominated courses will then asked to present their concept in more detail by answering the questions that are relevant for applications.

Applications are open to teachers of all subject areas, degree programmes and status groups until 19 October 2020 (irrespective of possible nominations).

Please send your application to

The application (in text format) should contain the following information:

  • Title of the course
  • Name of the teacher
  • Unit to which the teacher belongs (one of the faculties or a central unit)
  • Degree programme or programmes in which the course is offered
  • Scope in SWS
  • Type(s) of examination offered
  • Technical tools used

Important: This information is for the information of the jury. These data are not relevant for the awarding of the prize!

The application should also contain information on the following questions (approx. two pages in total):

  • whether and how the course content and qualification goals were formulated in the course
  • whether and how topics/objects were presented, explained and conveyed, in particular to what extent examples were used and links established;
  • how the learning atmosphere was designed and interest was aroused;
  • whether and how interaction and communication were encouraged and guided;
  • whether and how access barriers on the part of students were taken into account in teaching;
  • whether and how the examination was suitable for checking whether the learning objectives had been achieved.

Since individual teachers may have needed a longer period of time in the first few weeks to find their way into online teaching, shortcomings in the first weeks of the SoSe should be generously assessed. Technical problems over which the teachers had no influence will not be taken into account for the evaluation.