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Family Affairs Office 

The Family Affairs Office advises students and employees with children and relatives in need of care on all questions concerning the compatibility of studies or work and family. The Family Affairs Office also designs family-friendly measures at the university and organises events for university members with family responsibilities.

Nadine Arnold 
 +49 (0) 335 5534 2568 

International Office 

Of course, you can also study abroad for one or two semesters as a parent. The International Affairs Department will support you in this and advise you on the choice of study location in order to find a university with a suitable infrastructure. Not all of our partner universities are equally prepared for students with children. In principle, however, it is possible to spend a semester abroad with children everywhere. At some universities this is easier than at others and we recommend that you use the office hours of the International Affairs Department to find a suitable partner university. 

Nicole Klück 
+49 (0) 335 5534 2602