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Who was involved in the Diversity Audit?

  • We are a homogeneous and diverse group of students and employees in administration, science and teaching, who are interested in diversity at Viadrina.
  • We learn from and with each other and together we shape the goals and the individual steps in the process.
  • We inform ourselves about discourses, bring in our personal perspectives and can also speak best from them.
  • We explicitly invite interested people to participate, to contribute further perspectives, to contradict us and to discuss with us.

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Representatives from these areas were involved in the Diversity Audit:

  • Center for Intercultural Learning
  • Center for key competences and research-oriented learning
  • Central Student Advisory Service
  • Department for Equality Affairs
  • Department of Human Resources (D2)
  • Department of Public Relations
  • Department of Student Affairs and Law (D1)
  • Diversity Management
  • Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences
  • Family Affairs Office
  • Gender Equality Office
  • General Staff Council
  • Representative for disabled persons
  • Staff Council for non-scientific staff
  • Staff Council for Scientific Staff
  • Students' Union Executive Committee (AStA)
  • Student Union Frankfurt (Oder)
  • University Leadership
  • Quality Management
  • Viadrina International Affairs

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