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Department of Communication

Our portfolio

  • We publish press releases and the internal employee newsletter ViadrINFO, report for you in the Viadrina-Logbuch and issue central publications.
  • We connect journalists with Viadrina academics as interviewees and supply them with up-to-date information material.
  • We maintain the university's central websites and social media channels. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • We produce a daily press review for Viadrina-internal target groups.
  • We have an extensive photo and media archive from 30 years of the European University.
  • We organise the university's central events and coordinate the Viadrina's exhibition spaces.
  • We maintain contact with Viadrina alumni and publish the Alumni Newsletter.



>>> our offers for scientists and employees of the Viadrina

(in German, link only accessible within Viadrina or via VPN connection)