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Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics


IZE-Composition & Goals

In recent times, the interest in ethics has grown significantly. This is especially the case in the fields of technological and biological science, but also in the Humanities there has been growing recognition of the need to link research to ethical rules. At the same time, the ever-increasing complexity of responsibility that characterizes modern life both in national and global scale, calls for the advancement of a multidisciplinary and international framework for ethical reasoning.


Internationality & Interdisciplinarity

In addition to its international orientation, it was the fundamental commitment to interdisciplinary research that predestined Viadrina University to establish a multidisciplinary research institute for ethics. With its managing committee consisting of members of all three faculties, this motif is also reflected by the IZE’s organisational structure. Altogether, 14 chairs from all faculties contribute to the IZE’s activities.