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IZE-Composition & Goals


The Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics is concerned with fundamental questions of ethics in different disciplines and concentrates on the issues common to these fields. Focal points are legal philosophy and ethics, bioethics, history of ethics and business ethics, the latter involving a special focus on the ethical challenges of market transformation in eastern European countries.

The centre strives to further teaching and research in the field of ethics by organising symposia, lectures, supervising doctoral theses and research projects, and encouraging co-operation with other ethics centres at home and abroad. Publications of the centre are edited by Jan C. Joerden and are published in the "Schriftenreihe des IZE" (Springer Publishers, Heidelberg), the "Studien zur Ethik" (Peter Lang Publishers, Frankfurt am Main) and the "Annual Review of Law and Ethics" (Duncker & Humblot Publishers, Berlin).


Contact and Cooperation

The IZE co-operates with universities and institutes in Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, South Africa, and the USA. The centre works especially closely with the Collegium Polonicum, a joint institute of the Viadrina and the Adam-Mieckiewicz-University Poznañ, which is situated in the Polish neighbouring town of Slubice.