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Current Events

Lunch Lectures

Tuesday, 14.05.2019, 6pm, Room n.n. Please note: Changed time!

Podium talk: Protest culture in France (This event will be held in German).

Prisca Martaguet (photographer and student of the European University Viadrina). 

Fabien Jobard (Centre de recherches sociologiques sur le droit et les institutions pénales).

Dieter Rucht (Berlin Social Science Center).

Moderation: Michael Minkenberg (European University Viadrina).

In May, IFES Lunch Lecture deals with the so-called "yellow vests" and considers them in a larger (historical) context in French protest culture.

A cooperation with the Chair of Comparative Politics.

Tuesday, 28.05.2019,1-2pm, GD Hs01

EU, local and state elections: analysis of election results  (This event will be held in German).

With Nicolai von Ondarza (Science and Politics Foundation, Berlin).
Other participants tbc.

Conception and organization: Claire Gauthier and Stefan Hanisch (IFES).

Past Events

Information on past events can be found in our archive.