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Kulturwissenschaftliches Europa-Kolloquium (IFES Research Seminars)

The IFES Colloquium on Cultural Studies will be held online in the summer term 2020. Further information and the programme are available here.

All interested parties are kindly invited to sign up by sending an e-mail to

Zeit-Schriften der Moderne

Author Clara Frysztacka presented her dissertation "Zeit-Schriften der Moderne - Zeitkonstruktion und temporale Selbstverortung in der polnischen Presse (1880–1914)," which has been published recently, in conversation with Andreas Bähr (EUV).

The event was recorded and is available on the Viadrina media portal. Click here to watch the video.

The IFES COVID-19 Blog. Thinking together in times of pandemic

During these challenging times the IFES wants to offer a platform for sharing analyses and reading recommendations from our members and friends.

Please send your contributions or comments to:

HennigAnja_quer ©Anja Hennig

Anja Hennig writes about the closely interwoven German-Polish civil society relations and examines the question of what impact the pandemic will have on these projects (in German language).

Verflochten und nicht verloren: Corona und die deutsch-polnischen Beziehungen, 16 June 2020

In his latest blog entry Reimund Schwarze writes about the economic and social consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic (in German language).

Was wissen wir über die wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Folgen von COVID-19 und was nicht?, 02 June 2020

Foto_Masken ©Reimund Schwarze

Beichelt_Pandemie1 ©Timm Beichelt

In the most recent article on our COVID-19 blog, Timm Beichelt writes about populist leadership in times of the corona pandemic.

Pandemic populism – how Corona brings a certain form of government to the crossroads, 28 May 2020

Mykhailo Minakov writes in his text about the COVID-19 situation in Ukraine and the meaning of biopolitics in the decisions of the governments of post-soviet states.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Ukraine: On the Horns of a Biopolitical Trilemma, 4 May 2020

Minakov ©privat

thermometer-gerdaltmann ©Gerd Altmann

Reimund Schwarze warns against interpreting the pandemic as a positive influence on the climate. His plea: make the Green Deal binding by integrating it into the constitutions of the EU member states (in German language).

Über den zweifelhaften Nutzen der Corona-Krise für das Weltklima, 21 April 2020

Estela Schindel writes about the growing relevance of infrastructure and logistics in border studies, and about how the pandemic makes their role dramatically crucial:

Infrastructures, borders, and the pandemic. A reflection for the summer term 2020, 21 April 2020

Grenzzaun ©Estela Schindel

RSchwarze ©UFZ

In this article the Economist Reimund Schwarze, Viadrina professor and researcher at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, discusses the Corona virus pandemic from the perspective of risk analysis (in German language).

Corona-Krise – mehr als eine medizinische Angelegenheit oder ein Problem des Zivilschutzes, 20 March 2020

An account of positions about the pandemic crisis from the sociological point of view can be found at the blog Soziopolis (in German language):

Past Events

Information on past events can be found in our archive.