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Winter Term 2022/23

Kulturwissenschaftliches Europa-Kolloquium (IFES Research Seminar)

This semester, the research seminar will take place at irregular intervals on Wednesdays, 6-8 pm (c.t.) in a hybrid format (room LH 101/102 and Zoom). All interested parties are kindly invited. 


19 October 2022
6-8 pm (c.t.), hybrid, LH 101/102, Zoom 

Kristina Stöckl (University of Innsbruck)
A cultural war too? The Role of 'Gender' and 'Europe' in the Russian War of Aggression against Ukraine (in German)

Facilitation: Anja Hennig (IFES/EUV)

Recording on Deutschlandfunk Nova (in German)

16 November 2022
6-8 pm (c.t.), LH 101/102, Zoom

Roundtable on the relaunch of the IFES Working Paper Series (not open to the public)

11 January 2023
6-8 pm (c.t.), LH 101/102, Zoom

Eastern European studies and the beginning of the end of a European history (in German)  
Elisa Satjukow (University of Leipzig)

Facilitation: Clara Frysztacka (IFES/EUV)

25 January 2023
6-8 pm (c.t.), LH 101/102, Zoom

Soziale Lebenslagen im ländlichen Raum in Brandenburg. Werkstattbericht eines laufenden Lehrforschungsprojekts (in German)
Jonas Rietschel (IFES/EUV)
Sascha Münnich (IFES/EUV)

Zoom link for online participation

8 February 2023

6-8 pm (c.t.), LH 101/102, Zoom

Book discussion: "Europa im Unfrieden. Soziale Konflikte und politische Umwälzungen in der europäischen Geschichte und Gegenwart" (in German)

The author Jürgen Neyer (IFES/EUV) in conversation with guests about his new book, forthcoming in January 2023

Facilitation: Anja Hennig (IFES/EUV)

Contents: The greatest challenge of political systems lies in their ability to maintain internal social peace. Using historical examples, Jürgen Neyer shows that there is a recurring pattern of social conflict, excessive concentrations of power, and political decay in European history - and that the European Union is well on its way to repeating this pattern. With a combination of theoretical reflections, historical expositions, and current political analyses, his reconstructions point a way to a European new start.

Lunch Lectures


Please note: change of room!
30 November 2022
1-2 pm (s.t.), GD 309, Zoom

US Midterm Elections: Culture or Economy?
Randall Halle (University of Pittsburgh) in conversation with Sascha Münnich (IFES/EUV)

The midterm elections in the US on 8 November 2022 were dominated by a political triangle between questions of the future of democracy, tensions between energy price explosion and climate policy, and the contested legality of abortion. Thus, at the same time, cultural and economic factors were highly influential, raising the question of how these two sides interact in American politics and politics in general. Moreover, for both major parties, their long-term programmatic-ideological orientation is under scrutiny in light of inner-party polarization tendencies. The expected "Red Wave" failed to materialize, and Congress is now split between a Democratic majority in the Senate and a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

Please note: different time!
7 December 2022
6-8 pm (s.t.), HG 109 (Senatssaal)

Monday demonstrations in Frankfurt (Oder): Same mobilization in a new guise? (in German)
Panel discussion with a welcome address by Viadrina Executive President Eva Kocher

Jan C. Behrends (EUV)
Frank Hühner ("Demokratie leben!", Frankfurt (Oder))
Valerie Müller-Huschke (EUV)
Olaf Sundermeyer (Journalist and editor, rbb24 Investigation)

As in other parts of the republic, people in Frankfurt (Oder) regularly walk through the city's main streets on Monday evenings with banners and loud music. These demonstrations are not new. However, since 24 February 2022, Russian flags have also been waved, and more people seem to be on the move. Anger about the Corona measures is mixed with criticism of the Russia sanctions and the German government's sociopolitical actions in the energy crisis. These are impressions that irritate people from Ukraine in particular, but also raise questions for the university and urban society. With this Lunch Lecture, we would like to discuss in particular in how far we are dealing with a new phenomenon due to new crises or whether there are certain continuities of xenophobic or corona protests. This also means to understand who mobilizes with which understanding of democracy and which role Frankfurt plays in comparison to other places of protest in Brandenburg.

Facilitation: Anja Hennig (IFES/EUV) and Stefan Henkel (EUV/Viadrinicum)

Public Lecture Series (Ringvorlesung): Gender and Sexuality in (Post)Socialist Europe and the Validity of East/West Divides

The Public Lecture Series (Ringvorlesung) "Gender and Sexuality in (Post)Socialist Europe and the Validity of "East/West Divides". Diverging Perceptions from Difference to Entanglement" will take place at irregular intervals on Mondays from mid-October 2022 until January 30, 2023, from 6 pm to 8 pm (c.t.) in a hybrid format (room LH 101/102, Zoom).

Registration link for Zoom participation January 30, 2023

Concept and organization: Jennifer Ramme (IFES/EUV), 

Download programme with further information on the lecture series and speakers
Download poster with all dates


24 October 2022
6-8 pm (c.t.), hybrid, LH 101/102, Zoom

Zsófia Lóránd (University of Cambridge)
From Theory to Activism and Back: The Feminist Challenge to the State in Yugoslavia in the 1970s and 1980s

14 November 2022
6-8 pm (c.t.), hybrid, LH 101/102, Zoom

Yulia Gradskova
(Södertörn University) 
Global perspective on state socialist work for women’s rights:
the Women’s International Democratic Federation and the rights of women in (post)colonial countries

Commentary: Edmé Domínguez Reyes (Gothenburg University)

28 November 2022
6-8 pm (c.t.), online only, Zoom

Judit Takács (Hungarian Academy of Science)
Framing Homosexualities in Hungary since State-Socialism

Commentary: Emil Edenborg (Stockholm University)

9 January 2023
6-8 pm (c.t.), hybrid, LH 101/102, Zoom

Registration for online participation here

Agnieszka Mrozik (Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences)
Polish Communist Women in the Long Sixties:
What Is Left of Their Experience for Leftist Feminism in Today's Poland?

Commentary: Natali Stegmann (Universität Regensburg)

In cooperation with WIDE+

Please note: different time!
16 January 2023
4-6 pm (c.t.), hybrid, LH 101/102, Zoom

Jessica Bock (Digitales Deutsches Frauenarchiv)
The debate about abortion in the non-governmental women's movement in the GDR

23 January 2023
6-8 pm (c.t.), hybrid, LH 101/102, Zoom

Libora Oates-Indruchová (University of Graz)
Continuities and Discontinuities of Feminist Thought and the “East/West Divide”: the case of Czech Society and Culture 

Věra Sokolová (Charles University)
Queer Encounters with Communist Power: Non-Heterosexual Lives and the State in Czechoslovakia, 1948-1989

The event will be simultaneously translated into Spanish.

In cooperation with WIDE+

30 January 2023
5-8 pm (c.t.), hybrid, LH 101/102, Zoom

Registration link for Zoom participation

Maria Mayerchyk (University of Greifswald)
Pride Contested: Geopolitics of Liberation at the Buffer Periphery of Europe

Commentary: Vanya Solovey (TGEU)

Galina Yarmanova
"The Wonderful Years”: Research and Film Exploration of Heterodoom in Late Soviet Ukraine

followed by the film screening of The Wonderful Years (2018, 9 min., english subtitles) 

The event will be simultaneously translated into Spanish.

In cooperation with WIDE+