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Jean Monnet Programme

Jean Monnet activities promote the excellence of teaching and research on the European Union. In addition, they support the political debate between the academic world and decision-makers on EU-relevant topics.

Jean Monnet Activities support:

  • Teaching and research in the field of European studies in the form of:

Modules: short teaching programmes of at least 40 teaching hours per academic year. Each module lasts for 3 years

Chairs: a teaching position at the university for a period of 3 years with at least 90 teaching hours per academic year

Centres of Excellence: multidisciplinary centres of excellence for the studying and conducting research on the European integration process with the project duration of 3 years

  • Associations involved in research on the European integration processes
  • Policy debate with the academic world in the form of:

Jean Monnet networks: promote international cooperation between higher education institutions in the field of European integration. Projects run for 3 years and focus on activities that cannot be carried ou at the national level and require the participation of at least 3 institutions from 3 different countries.

Jean Monnet projects: foster the development of innovative learning methods and ideas, discussion and dissemination of the EU-relevent information to different target groups (project duration 1-2 years).

Who can participate?

Higher Education Institutions, organisations and associations all over the world.

What projects can be financed?

Jean Monnet Activities are open to representatives from all disciplines active in the field of European integration studies

Key activities include: lectures, reasearch, conferences and publications on European integration

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