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Research Data & Research Information

Research data management and research information are key elements of the agreement between the Viadrina and the Federal State of Brandenburg.

In both of these areas, we address the requirements of research funding and academic organisations on the one hand and the requirements and needs of academics at the Viadrina on the other. Our aim is not only to enable you to handle your research data in an appropriate way but also to present your research activities at the Viadrina and increase their visibility.

We aim to develop (digital) research infrastructures and provide the appropriate services and advice.

The Research Database (fdb) is one of the first elements of an integrated research information system. It will be developed step-by-step and modified to suit your needs and the requirements of approbriate reporting.

Please contact us if you have any queries about the research database and its functionalities or would like to propose any modifications or additions to the database.

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