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ERC Grants

The European Research Council (ERC) supports excellent researchers regardless of their discipline, nationality and current place of work, wishing to work at European universities and research institutes in an innovative project for a maximum period of maximum five years. Depending on the stage of their careers, the ERC launches calls for proposals for three funding schemes.

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Starting Grants: Eligible applicants are researchers between 2 to 7 years after PhD and who wish to establish their own research group. The maximum funding amounts to 1,5 million euros.

Consolidator Grants: Eligible applicants are researchers between 7 to 12 years after PhD and who are at the beginning on an independent research career. The budget of the funding amounts up to 2 million euros.

Advanced Grants: Eligible applicants are established researchers who may present an international Track Record of the last 10 years and have already made a substantial contribution to their field of research. The funding amounts to 2,5 million euros.

Proof of Concept: Researchers that have been funded by an ERC grants and whose project idea has proven to possess market potential may apply for the Proof of Concept Grant.

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