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Writing retreat in Frankfurt (Oder)

Are you currently planning to write your final thesis and obtain your academic degree? You need another environment to focus on your own writing?A Writing Retreat on site at the EUV in the Co-Writing Space is designed to give BA, MA and PhD students of all fields of study the opportunity to find support and time for writing in a safe writing environment for a fortnight.They can receive peer feedback, take advantage of writing consultations, work on their theses in writing groups in a motivated way in community and leave the daily routine of war for a short time to get free space to write and thus also to finish their studies.

What is a writing retreat?

The purpose of a writing retreat is to provide studentss with uninterrupted time to write in a supportive environment, so they can make progress on their final thesis. Most of the day is spent on writing, with scheduled discussions to brainstorm solutions to writing problems, develop drafts, engage in research-oriented conversations, and provide feedback on ongoing writing.

When and where?

From 4 to 19 May at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt Oder

All costs (travel expenses as well as costs for food and accommodation) will be covered by UA-Digital

What are the requirements?

  • You are enrolled aiming for a degree at a Ukrainian university
  • You are in the final phase of your studies (BA, MA or PhD) and are writing your thesis
  • You have sufficient English language skills
  • Let us know your reason for taking part in the writing retreat in a motivation letter (max. 1 page)



Maximum number of participants: 10


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