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UA - Digital: Ensuring academic success in times of crisis


Within the framework of the project "Ukraine digital: Ensuring academic success in times of crisis (2022)", the European University was able to successfully implement measures in the second half of 2022 in cooperation with the partner universities V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University,  Kyiv Mohyla Academy and Kyiv School of Economics. The initial focus was on awarding numerous scholarships and teaching positions in order to be able to provide assistance as quickly as possible, as well as setting up the Viadrina OnlineLab (Teaching, Learning, Writing), carried out by the Viadrina Centre for Teaching and Learning (ZLL). The focus was on maintaining teaching in Ukraine with the core idea that teaching can also take place under difficult circumstances and thus contribute to securing educational biographies of students and teachers directly affected by the war.




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Program measures

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Certificate program

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"Writing your Journal Article in 12 Weeks"


Peer Tutoring Training

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Online writing groups

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Writing retreats


Program measures

In addition to the immediate reaction to acute needs to ensure academic success, long-term perspectives towards crisis-proof, resilient universities are always considered.
This is to be achieved through the following measures, which are summarised in three project goals:
Goal 1: Digitally securing basic teaching
The project Securing Futures: Fostering Resilience by Digital Teaching and Learning in Transnational Cooperation is intended, on the one hand, to secure the continuation of Ukrainian-language subject teaching by awarding teaching assignments to Ukrainian academics. On the other hand, 20 Ukrainian students are to be given the opportunity to continue their studies digitally through sur-place scholarships, thus ensuring the continuity of educational biographies.

Goal 2: Enable resilient digital learning and teaching

Targeted support for students and teachers will also be provided through needs-based training formats that address the realities of life and study in times of war and identify ways to create a resilient working, writing and learning environment to respond to the challenges in the higher education context. The project builds upon a structured expansion of the existing ViadrinaOnlineLab and the certificate program, the methodological approach of Challenge Based Learning (CBL) as motivational support in crisis situations, and trauma-sensitive, writing-intensive teaching to create spaces for reflection and opportunities for self-study. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in peer tutoring training to acquire additional qualifications, enabling them to respond to local challenges at their own university and support fellow students in creating a resilient learning environment on campus as multipliers. More information you will find here.

Goal 3: Provide digital support for thesis projects. Create virtual writing environments.

In order to secure educational biographies, students and doctoral candidates are supported through digital writing workshops, especially in the phase of writing final theses. In the summer semester 2024 Centre for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) organises online writing groups for degree theses. Weekend writing retreats are being organized online to provide students with a focused environment for their writing projects. Additionally, a seminar titled "Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks" will be available for those involved in academic writing. More details will follow soon.



In the period from September - December 2022, the provision of more than 25 online courses (including 13 teaching assignments) and the support of Ukrainian fellows who continue their teaching for Ukrainian students from the Viadrina (min. 15 courses) made it possible to continue Ukrainian subject teaching. In addition, a total of 15 residence scholarships at the European University made it possible to continue the teaching activities of 8 lecturers and the further education of 7 students at the Ukrainian university in digital form. Furthermore, 9 students in Ukraine were granted an online scholarship. In total, we estimate that more than 250 students have benefited from online teaching.
Within the certificate program, a total of 163 teachers took the opportunity to develop digital competences ('digital literacy') on innovative, heterogeneity-oriented, low-barrier online teaching and learning formats, on activating methods and on writing-intensive teaching. In total, 19 teachers were able to complete the certificate with a total of 32 work units of 45 min each, despite the difficult conditions and without a regular power supply.

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