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Online writing group for final thesis


What is it about?

The online writing group is designed for BA, MA and PhD students of all fields of study who are about to write or have already started writing a final thesis.
On 11 sessions of three hours each, participants are offered a didactic writing environment in which they can regularly write their thesis. Together we regularly share the difficulties and successes of the writing process.
After regular and active participation in the writing groups, the participants could receive a certificate of participation in which the working hours and titles of the workshops could be written down.

How it looks like?

Each meeting consists of a didactic input on the different topics of academic writing (e.g. time planning, plagiarism, writer's block) and an individual writing time where everyone can write their papers and get advice if needed. We also invite you to individual writing consultations with writing tutors from the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

!Please note that sessions and the writing consultations will be held in Ukrainian and English!

We will meet once a week, on Fridays, from 14:30 to 17:30. The kick-off meeting for Group II will be held on Friday, March 22nd, at 14:30.

Note that the following timetable is in Central European Time (CET). Please take into account the time difference

Open BookWhat are the requirements?

  • You are enrolled at the university (preferably in Ukraine)
  • You are in the final phase of your studies (BA, MA or PhD) and are writing your thesis.
  • You have sufficient English and Ukrainian skills
  • You are ready to actively participate in at least 75% of the sessions.