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Presentations and
Exam preparation

The ability to learn efficiently und to present your knowledge is a key competence for your studies and eventually your working life. We offer you opportunities to learn techniques to improve your learning and presentation abilities. Start learning now and profit from the learning enviroment that the university has to offer.

Program [currently german only]

foreign languages 

Foreign languages open up whole new worlds. If you can speak them. Knowing foreign languages will allow you to immerse in a different culture and open up experiences you might otherwise miss. Language skills do not only look good in your résumé but you will profit from them in many ways.

Program [currently german only]


Studying abroad or doing an internship in a foreign country? Or maybe you are a foreign student? Intercultural exchange happens in day to day life. Intercultural training can help you to understand cultural differences better and to see through common stereotypes and missunderstandings.

Program [currently german only]


Scientific writing can be a daunting task but fortunatly scientific writing can be learned. Analysing the process of writing and breaking it down into several steps is a productive way of approaching your own writing. Learn different techniques of reading, writing and citation and take your writing to the next level.

Program [currently german only]