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The Viadrina Founders Center offers an EU funded support programme for students, research assistants and alumni who want to found a company. The programme is funded by the European Union and the State of Brandenburg. 

Participants of the programme get free access to our network of external experts. They offer professional advice, including individual coaching on all levels of the founding process: from brainstorming/ idea generation via concretisation of the business model to the practical implementation of the attained knowledge and results.


Advice and support

If you already have a concrete or rough idea for a company, a project or an economically oriented activity, we are happy to help and accompany you from the beginning.

The majority of our offers are concentrated on the time before the foundation or registration and are aimed at students, alumni*ae as well as scientific employees of the European University Viadrina. We will provide you with all important information in a non-binding personal meeting. We will gladly take the time to assess your initial ideas and develop them together with you.

For selected start-up projects, which are assessed as particularly demanding, consulting-intensive and promising, there is the possibility to receive individual coaching through the Viadrina Founders Center and to have it financed. Together with external consultants, specific questions are discussed and suitable strategies for implementation are developed. This advice can include, for example, viral marketing, web presence, social media campaigns, app development, crowdfunding, business and tax and legal advice, and much more. In addition to our Viadrina Founders Center funding program, we offer additional support on issues related to funding and financing options. 

For more details feel free to get in touch with us: send us an e-mail at



Funded by the European Union and the State of Brandenburg.

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