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Reimbursement for Child Care Expenses

21_kinder_kasse ©Sarah Joy / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

To support students, undergraduate students and PhD candidates in their role as parents/guardians the European University Viadrina reimburses additional childcare costs. Reimbursement is meant as a compensation in cases of emergency and enable participation in lectures, seminars and conferences which are scheduled when kindergarten and other childcare services are closed or not available. 

Up to 100 EUR can be reimbursed per child per semester for:

  • Childcare in a case of emergency, e.g. if kindergarten cannot be attended due to sickness, when kindergartens are closed, for weekend or evening seminars;
  • Childcare in order to pass examinations in short time, or to finish studies;
  • Childcare while participating in academic conferences and university eventsopened to the public.

For reimbursement, please submit completed form (download) together with the original receipt for childcare service (the receipt needs to include name and address of the carer) to Family Representative.