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Ukrainian Summer School 2015

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Interdisciplinary Ukrainian Studies: Politics, Civil Society, and the Arts

Frankfurt (Oder), 24 August – 06 September 2015

The Viadrinicum is an International Ukrainian Summer School that provides students and young scholars with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about Ukraine, its language, history, politics and culture. With the help of an interdisciplinary approach of cultural, social and economic sciences we try to combine diverse perspectives with a focus on the current situation in Ukraine as well as its historical development. Therefore students and young scholars from all disciplines are invited.

In its first year the Viadrinicum will take place from 24 August to 6 September 2015. During the two weeks you will have the opportunity to improve your Ukrainian skills in language classes on various levels. In the meantime, our Ukrainian participants have the opportunity to take part in a German language class.

In close cooperation with the Frankfurt Institute for Transformation Studies (FIT) we will have two seminars on political changes in Ukraine before and after Maidan and will discuss the role of civil society in the recent transformations and the heritage of an oligarchic system.

In a second seminar Stanislav Menzelevskyi (Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center, Kiev) will talk about representations of the heroic in Ukrainian Cinema from the beginning of the medium until the recent developments around the Maidan (e.g. Небесна Сотня). In the evenings you will have the chance to watch some examples in film screenings. Scholars from the project Donbas Studies provide a third seminar on their activities in the Donbas region, where they connect academic methods with cultural production and civil society activism. The result is called Scientific Activism.

Closely linked to this seminar is a workshop on conflict management by Prof. Kirchhoff from the IKM (Institut für Konfliktmanagement). Furthermore there will be literature evenings, public discussions, and an Open Space, where you will have the chance of discussing your own scientific or cultural project with other participants and scholars.

If you are a student or a PhD candidate and have a genuine interest in questions concerning Ukraine you can apply for a scholarship here.