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Department of Student Affairs

Matriculation Office

If your surname beginns with "A" to "K", please contact:

Janine Reinke

AM 14
+49 335 5534 4236

Janine Reinke (on maternity leave)

If your surname beginns with "L" to "Z", please contact:

Doreen Hendrischke

AM 13
+49 335 5534 4211

only Students in post-graduate study courses, please contact:

Bettina Meyer

AM 07
+49 335 5534 4260

office hours by appointment

Substitution in case of longer absences: Stefanie Piekos

In order that your inquiry may reach the appropriate contact, please direct your request as follows:

  • The Matriculation Office is responsible for inquiries concerning your existing matriculation (e.g. requestes for ex-matriculation, requests for taking a leave as well as your student-ID)
  • questions concerning your application, your admission or your request of enrolment will be answered under
  • questions regarding the semester contribution / exemptions from the semester ticket / reimbursements may be directed at
  • questions regarding the functionality of viaCampus will be answered under
  • questions regarding your study results or your diploma: Please contact the responsible person in the Examination Office

If you are unsure or have general questions, please contact the Service-Point under

If your are in need of consultation beyond administrative questions please have a look at our Viadrina Kompass because we are offering al lot of assistance and further advice for all kind of matters!