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The calls for applications for scholarships for female scientists and for scientists with familiy responsibilities in 2019/20 are out now.

European University Viadrina, as a family-friendly institution, aims to provide support to academic staff and (young) scientists with children and/or with responsibilities of caregiving. To this purpose, the University grants bridging scholarships for PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers. These serve to bridge situations in which the reentry into, or the continuation or completion of the studies is endangered or made more difficult because of child rearing and caregiving.

In addition, the University is committed to supporting women (researchers and scientists) in acquisition of academic qualifications – it is a commitment outlined in University’s Equal Opportunities Concept. Degree Completion Scholarship is a financial assistance provided by University to particularly highly qualified female PhD candidates and early stage researchers.

Apply now for a scholarship in 2019/20
Application form bridging scholarships (Download)
Application form degree completion scholarships (Download)
Application deadline: September 2th, 2019.

Please contact the Familiy Affairs Office for further information.