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Re-thinking the Efficacy of International Climate Agreements Post COP15

Work Packages

Short Version of the application (PDF-Download)

  • WP 1: Burden Sharing Rules for International Climate Agreements
  • WP 2: Design of Financial Transfers within International Climate Agreements
  • WP 3: Co-ordinating Global and National Strategies of Adaptation and Mitigation
  • WP 4: Limiting Crowding Out and the Compatibility of Carbon Leakage Policies with WTO Rules
  • WP 5: Strategies of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification in Fragmented International Policy Regimes
  • WP 6: Experimental Research on International Climate Agreements
  • WP 7: Enhancing Science-Policy Interactions and generating Policy relevant Knowledge


  • Publication: Meran, Georg, Schwarze, Reimund (2018). 'A Theory of Optimal Green Defaults'. In: Sustainability 10. doi: 10.3390/su10082902

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