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We would like to present you our events and it would be a pleasure to meet you in person at one of our events! Key events involving the VCC include:

  •  Viadrina Compliance Congress, VCC

The Compliance Congress is the flagship of the VCC among the events. It is organized once a year in cooperation with the Compliance Academy. During those two days, representatives of science, politics and business are discussing various topics relating to compliance from an interdisciplinary perspective.

  • Security Business Days, SiWiTa

The Security Business Days which has become a tradition in the industry, has first started on the 17th of February 2000 under the name 1. Hamburger Sicherheitsgewerberechtstag. Over the years the Security Business Day has taken up various scientific and practical topics. After the FORSI has merged into the Viadrina University the Security Business Day is being developed and will continue on two days over the year.

  • Cologne Compliance Panel, CCP

The bi-annual conference, held in Cologne, is a joint organization by the Bundesanzeiger Verlag and the Compliance Academy Münster. As a continuing event it is exclusively dealing with compliance issues affecting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

  • Roundtables

Since 2013 we are organizing up to three times a year the roundtable for compliance in Warsaw. The round table is dedicated for compliance managers who want to exchange their experiences in a refined atmosphere. The roundtable will always be rounded off by lectures being held by renowned compliance experts.

and many more... 

Like 13th GLOBAL Governance & Compliance FORUM