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INU - Intercultural Learning Sessions 2021-2022:

Das Zentrum für Lehre und Lernen engagiert sich im International Network of Universities (INU).
Aktuell bieten die Partneruniversitäten wieder verschiedene Workshops für Lehrende, Mitarbeitende und Studierende an. 

Die Teilnahme ist für Angehörige der Viadrina kostenfrei.

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PhD-Kurs an der Malmö University:
Ageing and Demographic Changes in Late Modern Society - A Transnational Interdisciplinary PhD-course

Most welcome to apply!
In 2022, Malmö University and the Faculty of Health and Society will be hosting a unique transnational, interdisciplinary PhD course where graduate students from different social and natural science disciplines are given the opportunity to meet in cross-border collaboration on society and ageing. The course is open to applicants from Malmö University as well as other national and international institutions. Reflective learning and development of one's own research question are part of this thematic course. The course was held by MAU in 2021, with 23 PhD students participating from 16 different universities.