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Costs and Fees

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A truly amazing experience, filled with great classes, activities and even better people.The flexible time table facilitated academic growth yet also allowed a lot of time to socialise and travel around Frankfurt and beyond with ease!
Viadrina is a fantastic community of students from all over the world, whose friendship and memories will last a life time.

Gavin McCullagh, participant 2016

Participation fees

Fee Type
Additional Information
Participation fee 1095 € including two courses, accommodation, lunch on weekdays and transaction costs
Course Fee (extra course) 100 € Optional for every extra course
Tuition Fee 400 € Waived for students from partner universities*

*For students from partner universities, the tuition fee is waived. For a possible exemption from the tuition fee, please contact us via your study abroad office.

Please note that a tax is charged, which amounts to 19 percent of the sum.

Exemplary Calculation
Sub-total (example) 1095 € incl. participation fee, without extra courses and
without tuition fee,
19 % taxes 208,05 € VAT
Total amount 1303,05 €

Besides the costs for participating in the program, the accomodation, lunch on weekdays and transaction costs the fees also include:

  • additional guest lectures given by international renowned speakers
  • extracurricular activities
  • free access to university facilities (library, computer and study rooms)
  • official certificate & transcript of records

Housing & Living

Estimated Living Expenses
for the time period of the Summer Program (May 31 – July 14, 2017)
Food & Drink 210 €
Books, Copies & Supplies 20 €
Personal requirements (entry fees, souvenirs, leisure time etc.) 100 €
Public transportation in Frankfurt (Oder) for 6 weeks 70 €
Total 400 €

Withdrawal & Cancellation

If you withdraw from participation in the summer school more than 14 days before the program starts, thus before May 17, 2017, we will refund 50% of your participation fee.

If you withdraw from participation in the summer school less than 14 days before the program starts, thus after May 17, 2017, the possible refund will be discussed with the program coordinators.