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Offers for refugees

Individual plan

European University Viadrina offers you not only the possibility to study as a Guest Auditor, "College Student“ – „Welcome @ Viadrina“ or Regular Student or attend open lectures each Wednesday (Viadrina Open Lecture Series - VOLS), but also the possibility to personally discuss your current educational situation with members of our welcome@Viadrina team: plan your prospective education paths, possibilities of improvement your German skills, German courses and tests. We fully support you on your educational journey at Viadrina.

If you want to arrange an individual appointment, please feel free to contact us so we can discuss and advise you about the most suitable educational plan for you.

Mentoring session

Every second Tuesday at 4 pm – 5 pm we are having a mentoring session, where we all meet and talk about everyday problems and queries at the University. We provide you with information about offered language courses at the European University Viadrina, including conditions and application deadlines, we provide an overview of all required documents for studying at the university, we are discussing abour social life at the University, meeting new people, sports offer for students, we organize guided tours through the library, campus and the city.  

During the mentoring session you are also welcome to ask further questions or discuss problems concerning your studies and especially meet other students.

Tandem - Partner

Would you like to learn every-day language? Would you like to improve your language skills? Would you like to meet new people? Would you like to teach someone your language? Learning languages with friends is fun!

Learning in Tandem is a form of intercultural learning with a partner. Both partners should benefit equally from the collaboration. The time spent on each language should be divided equally and the partners must both make a similar effort. At each meeting both languages should be used.

Both parties take personal responsibility for their respective part of the Tandem collaboration and determine their own learning objectives and methods. These are rarely the same for both parties. Your Tandem partner can be consulted as an expert in his/her language and culture, can read out texts if so desired, speak about selected topics, correct mistakes, make suggestions for improvement etc.

Please check these possibilities:

– the tandem wall in AM, on the second floor (put your announcement here for free),
– the website of Sprachenbeirat,
– the tandem party which takes place once a semester,
– visit FForst - every Thursday at 4:00 pm (Café International project).

For further information please visit this website: