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Which options are there for refugees?

At the moment there are the following options to choose from:

  • Guest Auditor
  • "College Student“ – „Welcome @ Viadrina“
  • Regular Student

What does it mean to be a Guest Auditor?

Being a Guest Auditor is free of charge and offers an easy start for further studies. As a Guest Auditor you can take part in single lectures but it is not possible to take exams or to collect ECTS credits. In order to obtain the status as a Guest Auditor a School Leaving Certificate and a confirmation of a German Health Insurance are not needed.

Further information about courses in English, French, Polish and Spanish

There are no deadlines for the application as a Guest Auditor. You can always contact our reference person at his office hours and apply to be a Guest Auditor.

What does it mean to be a “College Student”?

The College Program prepares you for your entry into a study program. The status as College Student offers the possibility to sign up for courses, take exams and also to collect ECTS credits. Students from the College Program can attend courses from all faculties. College Students are matriculated students at the European University Viadrina that do not have to pay any tuition-fees. However they will get a student card and can choose to purchase a semester ticket. (Ticket price for the summer semester 2016: € 112,50) The College Program is limited to 2 semesters.

An enrollment for the summer semester 2016 (lecture period April 11th until July 22nd 2016) as College Student is possible from February 1st until April 15th 2016.

What does it mean to be a Regular Student?

People with refugee status can apply and enroll to become Regular Students. Further information regarding required documents and deadlines can be found at our study-Portal. Officially recognized persons entitled to asylum have to apply directly at our University, and not via uni-assist e.V. In case of further enquiries our reference person will be happy to assist.