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Being a College Student or a Guest Auditor enables you to take part in several lectures in each one of our faculties at the Viadrina University. To choose courses, please have a look at the online course catalogues listed below.

Non-German courses:

To help you find your courses, we have posted a link below to the campus map that shows the building layout for the European University Viadrina:


All enrolled students and auditors are eligible to use the library. As a College Student you will get a student card. As a Guest Auditor you will have to register first in the library. Please find more information concerning the registration process for the library under the link below:

All students of the European University Viadrina gain free Internet access in seminar rooms, lecture halls, the library and also in public areas located on the campus. You will find more information on how to get a connection via the following link:

The academic calendar gives you an overview of the duration of the semesters as well as all national holidays. You will find it via the following link:

As a College Student you will get a Student ID card. Your Student ID card enables you to:

  • Access into the library and other services
  • Copy, print, scan on the campus (you will have to transfer money to your card first)

The Student ID card is valid for one semester and has to be revalidated each semester.


Guest Auditors will get a “Gasthörerschein” (Guest Auditor document), which proves the registration as a Guest Auditor at the university