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Workshops and Events in the 2021 Summer Term

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Events and Workshops in the 2021 Summer Term (held mostly in German)                            

Previous Workshops and Events                                                                                         

  • Discovering Flow. Finding Joy in Everything You Do (in English)

  • My Best Friend - That's Me! Finding Strength through Self-Compassion 

  • Long Live Sensitivity! Mastering Life As A Highly Sensitive Person

  • Is Rumination Keeping You Awake? Explore Ways to Sleep More Healthily and Study with More Ease
  • Self-Compassion, an Underestimated Superpower for Resilience and Inner Strength.                                                     

  • Less Stress Through Mindfulness. Discover the Scientifically Proven Benefits of Mindfulness Training

  • Intro-, Extra-, or What? Understanding Intro- and Extraversion, Celebrating Diversity, Living Authetically 

  • Yes, No, Maybe? Should I Really Do It... Decision-Making for the Undecided 
  • Mindfulness meditation. Taster session on the Ziegenwerder for students and employees.