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All about internships

Internships offer you insights into possible professional fields as well as valuable experience and contacts for career entry.

Where can I find internship offers?


Are my application documents good?

We will discuss your application documents with you during an individual application documents check. Request an appointment by e-mail. You are also welcome to send us your documents and a concrete job advertisement by e-mail to careercenter@europa-uni. de. We will check your documents and send you our feedback by e-mail.

Please consult our overview brochure on "Designing and developing application documents" before you make an appoitment.


How can I get my internship recognised as an academic achievement?

A study-related internship of a minimum duration of 4 weeks (full-time) can be recognised as a course achievement in numerous study programmes.

Please inform yourself about the recognition modalities in the

Here you can find out about the recognition process and the guidelines for compulsory internships in your degree program.


Where can I get a document that my internship is madatory for my degree?

We issue a mandatory internship confirmation if an internship is Internship as part of the course of studies and no internship has yet been recognized. Please contact us stating your name and matriculation number

Information about legal issues you can find here


Can I get funding for my internship?

Yes, but only for an internship abroad:

If you do an internship in another EU country, you can receive Erasmus + funding form us. If you are a regular student of the Viadrina there is no special funding for internships in Germany for you. Exchange students from the Erasmus area may receive Erasmus + funding for an internship in Germany from their home university.

You can apply for a PROMOS Scholarship, if you plan an internship in a Non-EU country.