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Conditions for funding and selection criteria

Requirements for applicants

  • You are enrolled at Viadrina and you are following studies leading to a recognized degree at the Viadrina (BA, MA, PHD)

  • Graduates can also receive funding: There are special conditions for the funding of graduates

  • You have not “used up” your Erasmus Budget of 12 months in your current degree program

  • You have found an internship which fulfils the conditions mentioned below

  • You can demonstrate that you have good language skills in the relevant language

  • You may not carry out the internship in the country in which you are resident. International students who want to carry out an internship in their home country must be registered as residents in Germany at the time the Grant Agreement is signed.

Requirements for the internship

  • The internship has to be carried out in one of the following Erasmus countries:

The 28 EU member states (excluding Germany) and their overseas territories, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (Switzerland is not involved in Erasmus+, funding can be received from the Swiss-European Mobility Programme)

  • The internship lasts a minimum of 60 days (please note that the 31st day of a month does not count) and a maximum of 360 days (Viadrina supports a maximum of 5 months/150 days of an Erasmus+ internship)

  • The internship consists of at least 30 hours per week (fulltime)

  • The internship can be integrated into your degree course and is included in the diploma supplement. Ideally, it is included in the course regulations (compulsory or optional)

Criteria for non-recognition

The internship cannot be supported if:

  • The minimum duration of 60 days is not met or the applicant’s Erasmus Budget has been exceeded

  • You do not live in the host state during the internship

  • You receive other EU support – more than one form of EU support is not permitted

  • The internship is provided by an EU institution, any other EU body including special agencies (see list), a body which administers EU programmes (e.g. EU volunteer services)

  • Support for internships which have already begun cannot be backdated