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 Scholarships for internships abroad (non-EU)

It would be great to do an internship in Asia, America, Australia, Europe (not Erasmus) or Russia! But how can this be financed?

Financial support can be obtained through the PROMOS scholarship, which we award on behalf of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for internships outside the ERASMUS area.
Find out more and read the application requirements carefully.

How much is the scholarship?

DAAD PROMOS-funding rate of usually 350-550 euros/month1 for a maximum of 3 month (see Promos funding rates on DAAD website)

Documents to be submited for application?

  1. application form
  2. letter of motivation (reasons and objectives of the internship in relation to studies and future career planning, explanation of the choice of country)
  3. Curriculum vitae with photo
  4. confirmation from the internship employer (or a signed internship contract) stating the duration of the internship, the type of work and, if applicable, the internship salary
  5. brief list of the most important work tasks during the internship (can also be prepared by you)
  6. proof of knowledge of the working language at the internship employer (certificate of language courses/ certificates/ confirmation from the language centre)
  7. overview of grades (printout from ViaCampus or list and copies of certificates)
  8. matriculation confirmation
  9. uncertified copy of identity card or passport
  10. if applicable, BAföG notification/notification of financial support from other sponsors


Selection creteria

The selection is made by an internal university selection committee (4-eyes principle) and is based exclusively on objective criteria, such as:

  • your academic performance and level of knowledge of the working language
  • the connection of the internship to your studies
  • the relevance of the internship for further study and career planning


Until when and where do you have to apply?

Applications can be submitted on an ongoing basis, preferably by e-mail to The selection of scholarship holders will take place on fixed dates. The selection date in 2024 is the 15.07.2024. Please note that the application must be submitted before the start of the internship the selection can take place during the internship.

Internships in countries for which the German Foreign Office has issued a travel warning will not be funded.