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Besides the academic program, the schedule includes a variety of softskill courses and workshops as well as extracurricular activities. These offers are designed to perfect your participation in the Summer Program and to give you an extensive experience during your stay. These additional events are mandatory and included in the participation fee.

Intercultural Training

To optimally benefit from one’s stay, it is useful to explore the distinctive features of German culture. Using methods from intercultural trainings, participants will have the opportunity to exchange their impressions and perceptions as well as their goals and expectations regarding their time at the European University Viadrina. This workshop will be highly interactive; participants' contributions during discussions, exercises and roleplaying will be expected and most welcome.

Language Crash-Courses in German and Polish

An important part of the introduction days will be two language crash-courses. Within these courses you will acquire basic knowledge in both the German and Polish everyday language that shall help you to get along well during your stay in this border region. Each crash-course will be completed with a practical application.

Weekly Academic Counseling

To help you to get to know the German acadamic system and its standards, a weekly acadamic counseling is implemented in the schedule. These courses and workshops will deal with topics such as writing, presenting, intercultural competence as well as working in groups.