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Viadrina Summer Program - Challenge Weeks 2021

June 7 - July 23, 2021

Dive into the heart of Europe and study at the German - Polish border or join us virtually!

The current situation is quite challenging for all of us. We are all suffering under the pandemic, we are worried about the future of our planet, and there is a shift in communication and interaction. We are shedding light on some aspects of these challenges and you will have the chance to work on topics that interest YOU! In Working Groups you will meet fellow students from many different countires sharing their perspectives and ideas - the best way to meet challenges is together!

Get a new point of view, diverse insights, and make friends with students from all over the world!

You can choose between two tracks: Humanities and Social Sciences Track and the Business Administration and Economics Track. Find more information and all the syllabi on the tracks below. The tracks are complemented by additional program for all students of the summer program.

Due to the pandemic we will either run the program virtually or - if possible - in a hybrid format.

12 - 18 ECTS / 6-9 Units

- Conflict Analysis and Peace Mediation (6 ECTS)

- A Year of Challenges: Approaching the Corona Pandemic (6 ECTS)

- “And the Walls come falling down.” How to Remember troubled Pasts? Public Memory of controversial History (6 ECTS)

Open for undergraduate students

12 - 18 ECTS / 6 - 9 Units

- Business Ethics (6 ECTS)

- Corporate Finance (6 ECTS)

- Economics of Climate Change (6 ECTS)

- Energy Transitions (6 ECTS)

- Introduction to Optimization Systems (6 ECTS)

- Marketing and Management (6 ECTS)

- Applied Economics (6 ECTS)