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Welcome Dinner

Language Crash Courses for German & Polish

Intercultural Training

Excursion to Berlin

Berlin is a city that has risen, fallen and dusted itself off so many times in the past centuries. Sprawlingly large, home to 3.4 million and still divided - at least mentally - along east-west lines nearly two decades after German unification, Berlin still isn’t always sure what it wants to be. Historical attractions mingle with today’s many nightclubs, which have made Berlin one of Europe’s most exciting destinations.

        • City tour
        • Reichstag
        • Berlin Wall Memorial

River Cruise on the Oder River

The Oder, with a total length of 854 kilometers, is one of Europe’s most important rivers. Originating in the Czech Republic it is the natural border of Germany and Poland. We want to take you on a river ride!

German Evening

It is not only about "Bratwurst" and "Sauerkraut". On one evening we want to explore together the world of German food, beverages, music and movies. Viel Spaß!

Farewell Barbeque

At first, I was skeptical because I didn't know a single word of German, but after meetings incorporated into our program with the faculty and coordinators, we were all able to acclimate. Wanting to know the city a little better, I took morning runs along the river that acts as the border between Germany and Poland. How often can you say that you ran between two countries for a morning jog? The city was amazing. Everything you needed was there and if you wanted the experience of a bigger city, Berlin was a short train ride away.
I'll remember how beautiful Germany was, but what I'll always remember are the relationships that I've made with the other students in my program and that wouldn't have been possible if not for the great work of the entire staff, which I'm glad that I was also able to build a great relationship with. If there was ever another opportunity to go back to Europe, Viadrina would be the first stop on my list because it really became a second home for me. I'll never forget my amazing experience there!

Thuy Ngo, participant 2016