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Summer School 2018

The Liberal Order in Crisis:

Authoritarian, Radical, and Populist Challenges to Democracy in Europe


June 4 - July 13, 2018

“Studying abroad was one of the best experiences of my life. This was the first time I had ever traveled abroad and I was incredibly nervous. I was outside my comfort zone so the first week was difficult but the program coordinators, professors, and other students at the University Viadrina made me feel welcomed and accepted. I love that I had the opportunity to study in Germany and also had time to travel.
My favorite thing about this experience, however, is the fact that the people in the program were so different. I made friends not only from my home university, but also from the United Kingdom, Colombia, the USA, Mexico, Australia and Singapore. This was an exceptional experience that not only educated me in the classroom but also taught me life skills that I will utilize for the rest of my life.”

Kimberly Salter, participant 2016

The current European order seems to be under siege. Its historically established normative foundations are challenged by various radical parties and movements.[1] Liberal democracy, human rights and open markets can no longer be taken for granted but must be justified and defended in the public arena. Some even fear that the historical lesson-learned that peace in Europe and beyond presupposes deep political and legal integration among the EU’s member states is giving way to the lure of nationalism and parochialism. How significant are these processes in Europe of today? Are we observing processes that are similar in kind to populist authoritarianism in the US, Russia and Turkey? Is the idea of the open society reaching the end of its political career and is slowly being replaced by a new combination of nationalism and socialism? 

The summer university addresses these questions with a view to understanding recent political processes in Europe in their broader international and historical context. It will take place in Frankfurt (Oder), directly located at the border to Poland in a unique social and political environment which pinpoints many of the recent challenges of Europe.

Among the classes offered are: 
(1)   The Radical Right in Europe: A New Wave of Regime Change?
(2)   The Fall of European Orders from the Roman Empire Until Today
(3)   Comparative Analysis of Recent Challenges in Europe
(4)   Analytical Concepts and Normative Implication
More classes will be announced by October 2017

This year we are also hosting a workshop at the begining of our summer school and are currently calling for papers. Click here for more information: Call for papers.

Our Campus is located directly at the German-Polish border. You just have to walk across the bridge to find yourself in another country. Experience living in a region that has been influenced by major European historical impacts and join us on excursions to find traces of (inter-) European encounters!

This summer program is designed for students in European Studies, Global Studies, History, Social Studies, Cultural Studies, Business Administration and Economics.

Application Deadline is March 13, 2018