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Am 05.12.2018 fand die letzte VOLS-Veranstaltung statt.

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Viadrina Open Lecture Series

Crossing Borders. Building Bridges.

The Viadrina Open Lecture Series (VOLS) is a series of academic sessions, which has been primarily designed for refugees in Brandenburg, but is also open to all those interested. VOLS wants to offer refugees a first access to academic life in Frankfurt (Oder) and give them the opportunity to establish contact with students and scientists at the same time. The lecture series consists of six lectures that will be held throughout the summer semester 2017. All lectures will be held in English and will feature topics from all three of the University‘s faculties and administrative departments. No application is needed and there will be no admission fee. The programme has been extended, which implies more lectures than in the fall semester. The programme is open to all those interested, regardless of whether you have an academic degree or background. With this project, the university wants to promote equal participation for everyone in society .